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Dell Support – Vista Beta 2 – Restore Partition

So, a while back I installed Microsoft Vista Beta2 on my Dell machine. Seems that it must have overwritten the master boot record (MBR). I wanted to revert back to Windows XP Media Center Edition that came on my box, so I fired it up, and hit F12 to goto the boot selection. Where is system restore? not there – wtf. So i look online, you need to hit ctrl+F11 to get the restore partition – even though that isnt stated anywhere when booting, or the sheets that came with the PC. Do they expect everyone to have 2 computers so they can figure this out? Anyways, ctrl+F11 – not working at all. So I hop on dell.com, get on live chat, and talk to not 1, but 2 different techs – they tell me I am screwed – need to get the cd’s (which, btw, they dont ship by default anymore with new systems). I think to myself, there has got to be a way to get to that partition – i never deleted it, so it is still there. More spelunking on the internet, and I find this site. Seems that someone has created a utility to fix your mbr and get to your restore partition.

Ok – seems that I have what I need, right? Well, next step – find a old win98 cd so I can boot it up. Copy the utilities on the restore partition site to my flash drive, and boot to the cd. I run the utility, and I have one alert – easily fixable. I run the fix, reboot, and ctrl+f11 works, and I am in the symantec ghost restore partition – two clicks later – its restoring and a few minutes later I am back into winXP MCE.

My biggest gripe/question with all of this is, why didn’t dell

#1 – create this utility themselves

#2 – steer me in the right direction

#3 – ship the cd’s with my system

Now it maybe just me, but you would think they spend more $$ on support than it would cost to ship the cd’s in the first place. Anyways, I’m back to my old system, so I am happy :)


Vista Beta 2

Well, tonight I took the plunge and installed Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 on my Dell PC at home. I am liking it so far. Alot of security alerts. Its always nice to start digging into the new technology as soon as you can. I have tried a few programs and found they don’t work, you would think that software makers would be starting to test and have updates, etc. Hopefully by the time of launch we will see more app compatability, etc. It is a memory hog (runs at 800 mb constant), but I guess that is expected with the video/display changes (Aero). I’m actually going to try to use IE7 and see how well it works, instead of Firefox, until I can’t stand it anymore. Anyone know of any cool tricks in Vista that arent there in XP?