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Day Tripper: Oregon Coast – Cape Lookout

Headed out the coast today. Cape Lookout, by Tillamook, OR. Walked the Cape Trail peninsula. Nice views.

Some pictures here:



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Day Tripper – Bend, OR Day Trip

Cruised down to Bend, OR for the day, not much hiking or anything, but more driving around looking at the scenery, and checking out downtown Bend.

Here are some pictures:



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Camping: Silver Falls State Park; Beach: Sauvie Island – Oregon

We went camping this 3rd, 4th, 5th of July to Silver Falls State Park, which was a nice getaway from the city, considering I live right on a busy road. There are 10 waterfalls around the trails, and we hit up 7 of them, pictures on Flickr here: http://flickr.com/photos/scaleovenstove/sets/72157600684621176/


After driving back, we went to Sauvie Island, to the beach, Collin’s Beach I think. Was interesting. I got totally sunburnt, which today hurts like crazy.

Off Camping

heading out camping for the 4th/5th about an hour and half south east of Portland, will post up pics once I am back. In the meantime, if you are bored this holiday, check out http://www.geni.com – a social network for your family tree, it is very addicting, I added 70 or so relatives already, and then others added more, last time I checked my tree was up to 250 – in a day!

Happy 4th of July (with Lucy in the Sky – I remember pine trees and the coat of many colors – I was 19, I’d do anything, s#it like that now scares me but I’d like to do it again) ala 311 :)


4 Wheeling

4 Wheeling

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Went 4 Wheeling up north this weekend, just a small little trail ride, probably about 15 miles or so. Man I could get lost in the trails around my dad’s house. One thing that was crazy, 3 woodticks after. We got off a couple times and walked around, looking at deer stands and what not. Good times. Didn’t get too much iron ore on me :)

McCarthy Beach State Park

What a small and crazy world. Back in March, there was “game night” for some guys at work. We ended up heading downtown after. Sometimes at the bars, there are girls that walk around with little mini-tablet pc’s asking if you smoke or not. If you say yes, they scan your drivers license and you get a free zippo (whoo hoo!). Anyways, I said yes even though I don’t smoke, just to scam the zippo.

Now, I get snail-mail spam from Marlboro. To make a long story short, there is a magazine that comes, called “Unlimited”. Crazy enough, in the mag, they have a list of “Best Camping” spots.

from “Unlimited”:
McCarthy Beach State Park: “Bunk out here and you’re right by Sturgeon Lake-rated one of North America’s top beaches by Highway magazine. Huge pines around the campsite ($10 a night) make for great hikes”

It is about time the good ol’ Iron Range gets some props. :)