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KINK Live Ten

A friend wanted KINK.fm’s Live Ten CD, that came out at Starbucks this weekend. I just happened to be at Starbucks yesterday out in no man’s land Barbur Ave, and they had some copies left, so I picked one up. I just ripped it to my computer, but no album art. I got fancy and took a picture, imported it, cropped it, and set the album art.

Then, I go to their site, and yeah, they have a image of the album art – doh!

Check it out http://www.kink.fm/pages/823099.php


Music Millennium on 23rd and Johnson: Going out of Business

Was walking 23rd today, Music Millennium is going out of business at the end of the month, so I decided to stop by. Tons of music, all discounted. I picked up a goofy cover cd – Butchering the Beatles – metal covers of The Beatles. Anyone who is in PDX should check out MM before the close down, good deals!

Mississippi Ave 2nd Thursday, The TeaZone, Kate Elliot

Headed out last night to check out the Mississippi Ave 2nd Thursday gatherings, which is basically shops open up and there is wine tasting, etc, and some bands playing outside. It wasn’t as big as I expected, but still cool, good to see another part of the city for sure.

After that, headed out the The TeaZone and Camellia Lounge in the Pearl District. Very laid back, and just nice. Kate Elliot was singing, she was good. No MySpace or website, so I can’t really link to anything, but yeah, it was good.

Finished off at the Kingston, which is near my apartment, always a good way to end a night out on the town.

Kate Elliot

The Half Steps @ The Veranda – That’s Amore

Last week, Heidi and I went to The Veranda Lounge at the Pioneer Place Theatre in St. Cloud. The Half Steps were singing. I pulled out the digital camera and recorded them singing “That’s Amore” (think: Dean Martin).