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Welcome Back

It’s been a loooong time since I have posted here. Well, time to change that. The experiment is over. Always been toying with other things. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, svbtle, medium, blogger, whatever. But I guess this is where I belong. Hell, I’m getting requests from this guy.

I focused on some other things.. stevenovoselac.com, which still is an experiment. Orignally it was a lifestream, on a few different services, then Posterous, which Twitter bought, so I moved it to WordPress, then Squarespace (which locks you in HARD btw) – and now decided to take some of the posts and move to svbtle. We will see what I do with it. Like I said, still an experiment.

In all reality I haven’t posted here since 11/2012.

What’s changed since then?

steve and olive

  • Life: Olive is almost a year old, our house is coming along
  • Work: I’ve promoted some awesome people and I have many less direct reports. I am getting into other technologies and projects.
  • Health: I started cycling. I’ve lost 65 lbs since 11/2012.
  • Tech: Chromebook? Macbook? Android? WP8? iOS development? Chromecast? Everything else? check. And more.
  • Music: Still rockin
  • Homebrewing: Yep, still doing that too. Need to do it more. I plan on it.

steve novoselac

I’ve cleaned up the theme a bit. Cleaned up some links etc. Still some categorization to here. Oh yeah, still have ads too. It pays for the hosting, and a beer every few months. :)


Looking at my Google Analytics, I can tell you exactly when Google Reader shut down…

Not even sure if anyone still reads blogs… do they? I know I do. Feedly is my drug of choice for a reader.


What do people want to read about? Let me know in the comments.. which I guess I might see one or two. Otherwise I will just make up stuff as I go, which is pretty much how I operate anyways.


Oh yeah, I love that Mase song – listen to the YouTube, it’s awesome.


Reflecting on 1000 Posts

First, I want to give an update on what’s up recently. First off, work is busy as ever. SQL 2012 RTM’d, so that is cool on the Business Intelligence side, and on the Dev side, working on moving a desktop app to the cloud, Azure specifically. Many things going on, as well as keeping on the SharePoint and Yammer trains. Enterprise Social is just “starting” and there is much more happening. Windows 8 is still good. Some quirks but very good, excited for the RC and RTM versions.

It has been a while since I have posted, for good reason, but of course it usually boils down to “just time”. This is my 1000th post on this blog. Well, not really, I had some that I probably removed over the years. Back since 2004, I have moved this blog from blogger.com, to wordpress, to my own wordpress (on windows!) to different providers and hosters and what not. It has been a road. And more to come. I have a few drafts queued up, but was waiting to have something good for post 1000.

So what else? Other things are keeping me busy. Since last October, Homebrewing has become a big hobby of mine.

We have done 8 batches so far, and it keeps getting better and more fun. We are now past kits and we now are picking our ingredients, which is cool. The beer is good too :)

MADPASS (www.madpass.org) – I am on the board with MADPASS, we hit our 1 year mark in Feb, which was cool.

We keep doing cool new things, the speakers are good, and the “community” is growing. SQL Saturday 118 is coming up on April 21st as well in Madison (at MATC) – and I am helping out with that as well.

Besides that? Always the same old tech things I do every day. Finally consolidated my Google life to my Google Apps (more on that in a future post). No, no iPad 3/Next for me yet. Maybe though. Thinking about my next tech gadget. Chromebook? New TV? Not sure yet. Nothing really pressing there.

What else could there be? Well… a couple of things :)

I have been in the Madison area since November 2007. Been at Trek since Sept 2008. I have lived in Madison (apts), Sun Prairie (condo) and now in an apartment downtown Sun Prairie. It is a cool place. Nice view. Right in the thick of everything that goes on downtown (parades, festivals, etc). But.. the apt life wears on you. We have been “looking” for a house for a while now. Not ready to just go pick one out that is on the market, but wait for the right one. Right area, right price, right look, etc. Well, we found one. In less than 2 weeks, I will be moving to a house in Sun Prairie. It is about 6 blocks away from downtown, so within walking distance of everything (cough cough – Eddies), but yeah, nice little place. In a semi-secluded street. 3 bed, 1.5 Bath, Nice fenced in yard. Should be a nice house.

But wait, there’s more!

Now, I would say that I have everything I need to be happy, and that is true. But sometimes things happen and you get things in your life that will even make you *more* happy. Well, it is a good thing the new house is a 3 bedroom, because come fall there will be another baby Novoselac running around. Yes! We are expecting. Ella will be a big sister and of course our lives will change for the better once again. I am excited but will be even more excited around October!

So until then, and even after, we will keep watching the movie that we call life and having fun.

Ok. 1000 down. couple more thousand to go. Keep rockin’ everyone.

Challenges: Stepping Up vs Running Away

Challenges. Every day, everyone faces some kind of challenge. From the most lazy point of view, “Can I get out of bed today”, to “Making it to work on time”, to also “Making sure my children are taking care of”, and “Making sure we have enough money”, and then with work, “Making sure we get this project done on time” to “Making sure we are under budget”, to things you might do in life, “Try to run 5 miles today” and “Do the half marathon” and also things like “Don’t eat the whole carton of ice cream” and “Stop smoking” and the list goes on and on. You get it, there are an infinite number of challenges in life, no matter what you do or who you are.

It is what you do when faced with them that defines you.

What can you do? Well, you can walk (or run) away from challenges. It is the easy thing to do really. Just give up, walk away, go on to something easier, don’t get out of bed, don’t finish that project, light up the cig.

Or, you can step up to the challenge. You can take the mountain of problems facing you (don’t worry – everyone else has their own mountain) and you look at it as opportunity. Start figuring out how to make things easier, change processes, get things done and keep a level head, always looking ahead to the progression of what you are doing and how it will make things easier for yourself going forward.

There aren’t many challenges that can’t be stepped up to, and worked on, and overcome. Ask any survivor, or anyone that was ever told “no, you can’t do that”, or “it can’t be done”.

In the face of hard work and adversity, the people that rise to the challenge to get things done and still handle themselves are the ones that move forward. The ones that run away, sure they will continue on a path, but they missed something. That big mountain of opportunity to take and do something with.

One of my favorite movies is “Prefontaine“. Pre was an awesome runner. In the movie, he wants to run the one mile so bad, it is all he can think about. Being the one mile champion, having the best time, etc etc.

Before season starts, the coach, Bill Bowerman (of Nike fame – played greatly by R. Lee Ermey) – says something like, “Pre, you are never going to be the best miler, but you could OWN the three mile, make it your race“.

Yes, that is the quote. “Make it your race”. Being a huge runner in my heyday, I love that quote. Take your opportunity that is staring you in the face, even though it may be tough, you might not like it or it doesn’t seem like something you want to do, and make it your race. Make it yours. OWN it. Be awesome at it. Show everyone that you can do it, and make a pile of problems into your golden opportunity.

Make it your race.

Big Changes and Other Updates

It’s been a week at the new job, and I am really enjoying it. I am working on a project dealing with .NET and SQL, and SSIS. Fun stuff. I am really enjoying the environment and project, hopefully more to come.

The new job coupled with the move into the new apt, I have been really busy. Our new place hasn’t lived up to expectations. They haven’t got all the blinds up, and the master bathroom shower and tub aren’t working. I have called a couple times and nothing in response. Irking me.

The band I am in played last weekend too, which was fun. We are playing again on Halloween at MT Bar in Waterloo. I play keyboards on most songs, piano, horns, synth, strings. I sing backup on a few and sing a couple myself, so it is pretty fun. Lugging all the band gear there and back isn’t so fun. We need roadies :)

The baby is still coming along. Coming up quick. Now that we are in the new place, we have an empty room for the baby stuff. Looking forward to it.

4 years Blogging

Four years ago, I started this blog. It was on blogspot, and then migrated to wordpress on HostMySite, then moved to my own server, but all the posts are here. I have had many different themes and it actually is fun to look back on posts and see what I was doing at the time.

You can look back and see when I was at Cell 2000, then went to W3i. You can see the jump from ASP Classic, VB.NET to C#, ASP.NET, from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, from C# to C++, then to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and littererd in between with all the gadgets, vacations, photos, politics, fun, random tidbits over the last four years. Music I have recorded, videos too. Just everything. Nostalgic.

I started reading blogs about 2-3 years before I started actually blogging, so that is kind of my time line there. Right now I subscribe to roughtly 350 feeds (My Google Reader see’s a lot of j, j, j ,j, shit+s, s, j, j, j). Newer mediums come in and go. Twitter is one. I use twitter somewhat, but not as much as others. FriendFeed is a new one too. Pownce is good for sharing files. But none come close the full blown blog. I have gotten many friends and colleagues to start blogging, some keep it up, some don’t some come and go. It would be nice to have a “blogging buddy”, but I haven’t found that yet. Maybe in the next 4 years.

People ask me “why don’t you have multiple blogs? One for tech, one for personal, one for XYZ”. Well my answer to that is, this is my blog. This is me. I am all these things. I am music, I am tech, I am gadgets, I am geeky, I am politics, I am random stuff I like. That is me, this is my blog. It is fun for me to do, and once it stops being fun, then I will stop doing it.

I know recently my blogging has been less often, and I attribute that to my 2+ hour commute (even more now with flood detouring! yikes!), but that will change as I get different consulting gigs. I will be introduced to different technologis, different industries and it will get my mind swirling with things to blog about. – Some things are just small snippets that are almost good for Twitter. Like, did you know Excel 2007 lets you have more than 65,000 rows and 256 columns? I didn’t know till today. Not big enough for a blog, but a tweet…

We will see where the next 4 years leads me. I have been from St. Cloud, to Portland, now to Madison. My 10 year high school reunion is coming up in the next few weeks. Funny how time flies so much. Big, fun things to come. Can’t wait.

Fun stuff, and hopefully I get four more!

Fast Weekend

Friday – Jimmy’s Pour House

Saturday, Cities – Eat, Hotel, Wedding, Reception

Sunday – Wake up, IKEA, Home, Oblivion, Recover

Monday – Oblivion,  Furniture Shopping, Dairy Queen, Friends, Oblivion

Tuesday – Wake up, Clean, Geek, …. hang out maybe catch some 4th of July Festivities.

Happy 4th :)