Yahoo “DoEverything” Bar?

Well, I caught wind of a beta Yahoo Toolbar. Now they are adding spyware protection to it. What next? Will it start writing programs for me too? That would be nice though…I think the beta run is over though, too bad, I would have tried it. Hopefully it works well

Yahoo Toolbar (Beta)

Yahoo Toolbar (Plain Old)


The API War

I stumbled across a very, very good article by Joel Spolsky on Microsoft and the “API War”. It discusses how Microsoft is not focused on developers as much as they say they are, and they aren’t focused on the desktop, even though they say they are. Very good reading.

How Microsoft Lost the API War

Save the Pirates. Arrrr Matey…

Ever wonder what it would be like if the government would just keep their noses out of copyright issues? What if artists just wanted to play music because they loved to play music? Or maybe actors just gave shows because they are good at acting and people loved to watch them? Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, Cory Doctrow gave a talk to Microsoft Research group about DRM (Digital Rights Management) on pretty much that whole topic. He says that Microsoft should “make a record player that will play an record” – read the speech, you’ll understand. Well, anyway, I found the speech very interesting, here is the link…

DRM Speech to Microsoft


Wow. So I finally did it. Started blogging. I remember back in the day having an “online journal”…Does that count? Used a database and update it daily. Wasn’t as “sophisticated” as some of these blogging websites now, but it worked. Hopefully I can share information with as many people want it. Only time will tell….