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Campaign Ads…

Do you notice how you see all the candidates for office on TV in every commercial break? My question is, why don’t we ever see them in commercials once they get elected? Why don’t they give us some updates on all the things they promise before the election. That would be a good PR move in my opinion. Every day we should get some blurb in a commercial from the president telling us something cool or just what the big news is. Like that would every happen though..

Nick For Kerry (Regime change!)

Nick Hexum is one of my “look up to’s” – glad to hear he is for Kerry – and they are covering some Beatle tunes to boot! – Nice~!

From 311.com….

Nick Hexum and his brother, singer/songwriter Zack Hexum, have just announced their upcoming mini-tour throughout the swing states to raise awareness of the coming presidential election. Nick said, “It hit me like a ton of bricks that I wasn’t doing enough to help spread the word about the most important election of our lifetimes. I decided I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do everything in my power to help educate voters on what I believe are terrible missteps by the Bush administration and to help inform people about Kerry’s clear and concise plan for our country. So I’m going on the road to play some music and spread the word.” He added, “We’ll be playing intimate club-sized venues and we’re keeping the ticket prices really low. It’s going to be a great experience. We’ll play some 311 songs, some songs from Zack ‘s debut album “The Story So far…â€? and covers from The Beatles, Radiohead, The Pixies, Billy Joel, Bob Marley &The Clash – and we’ll be talking about the election and the need for a regime change in this country. We hit the trail on October 20th.”

The Great Debate

I didn’t watch the first debate, missed it. But last night I was flipping the channels before I went to bed and CNN was re-running the second debate in its entirety. I watched it and you know, John Kerry, even though he might not be the best candidate, was just way above President Bush, in every respect. Bush just stutters, and changes the subject, points fingers, takes no responsibility, etc. Kerry, even though I don’t know how much I believe him, seems like he is for the normal Joe America, while Bush could care less how 98% of Americans are or get treated. He won’t even say it, because he knows it would be a lie. It was great when Kerry said that the only people the tax plan he has would involve would be himself, President Bush, and Charlie Gibson (the moderator) – that was classic. And you know what, they have money, so paying money shouldn’t be a problem. It is about time someone at least thinks about it in that respect. Kerry talked about healthcare reform and how guys like me could lower my costs, that is what I am talking about. Take out the “catastrophic” events from insurance, and let the government pay for it. Everyday people should have insurance for their everyday visits, or whatever. People say that Kerry talks to sophisticated and they cant understand him, I think it is great. It is more eloquent, while Bush just seems like he has no clue about anything, always getting upset, knowing he is getting beat.

Bush Visit to St. Cloud

Well, It looks like President Bush is going to visit St. Cloud tomorrow. A lot of people from work are going, and there are supposed to be like 10,000 people there. They will have to be there at like 5:30 AM to be frisked, etc. Not my idea of fun. Im sure the Bush war machine will trample through St. Cloud and people who sit day in and day out and complain about him will be there all starry eyed, like 12 year olds at a N Sync concert. It really doesn’t matter who we vote in for President, because the same things happen whether it is republican or democrat, every 4 years.