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Jeff Lee, this one is for you

The Receders in the Bathroom

As you can see, instead of making sure I look good after going to the bathroom at the Red Carpet, I am either really drunk and look like a guy from the 50′s in black in white, or The Receders have adverts plastered everywhere. Too bad I will be on the road by the 31st (the day of the show)

I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard…

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie Reds. What a great movie, it just came out on DVD, but it was released in 1981 I think.

Anyways, in the movie, there is a repeating song, “I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard” that they keep playing/singing. So I did some digging, found a crappy version from 1895 in the Internet archives.

I listened to that and then recorded it. Not the whole song, but just the main line. Catchy tune. It sounds weird, because it is a kids song, but, I still like it.

One part in the song says “sliding down our cellar door”. Cool because “cellar door” is considered by some to be the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

Here is my version: I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard


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Free Non-DRM Mp3!

Stumbled across this site this afternoon, http://www.muzic.com

There are tons of free Mp3 for the downloading, indie artists, etc. If you want to grow your music collection or if you are sick of listening to the same old junk, check it out.


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Piano Playing – MusicNotes and Video Game Music

I bought a piano back in October, and I am really liking it. I probably don’t play as much as I should be, but I try. Its actually easier for me to play guitar than piano – I can get through more songs without screwing up :)

Anyways, even when I was in piano lessons, I really wasn’t into playing classical music and all that, I was more into rock n roll, The Beatles, John Lennon, things like that.

I know I have blogged before about music you buy, that it is the lyrics in the treble clef, which I hate. Like you can listen to a song, and hear them play one thing, and they sing the lyrics, but in the sheet music, the try to incorporate all that into the piano part – I hate that!!

Even so, I still buy some sheet music, and now, I just do it online, and print it off. The site I primarily use is MusicNotes.com – it seems to have the best selection and price. I know Schmitt Music has an online store, I haven’t heard the best things though.

With MusicNotes, you can get music, listen to it before you buy, print off the first sheet before you buy. You can even transpose it before you print, which is exactly what I did yesterday. I have a recording of John Lennon playing “Real Love” on the piano, just him. If you don’t know the song, The Beatles put it out on their Second Anthology in the 90′s – its really the last “new” Beatles song ever. Well, when the Beatles recorded it, the jumped the key up “The song has been sped up 12% from the demo” – so, the default key on the music was too high (it matched the Beatles but not Lennon’s version), so I transposed it down to the right key. And I have been playing it the last day, but yet, I am not playing the music. Looking at the chords, taking bits and pieces, and trying get rid of the damn lyrics in the treble clef notes!!

Where else does a piano playing geek look for music? Video games of course! A while back I found a site with a ton of music from video games. Super Mario Bros. is the ultimate piece, most everyone knows it. There is the Overworld, Underworld, and Underwater themes. I can play Underworld and Underwater themes fairly well, I might even try to record Underwater. The Overworld is a bit tougher.  One of my best memories of growing up was playing “The Goonies II” on NES. I remember playing with my cousins and sister. That game, in my opinion, was one of the best. Music was great, just fun game to play. I found the music for that as well! Great stuff, tough though. Fast and crazy. I lost the original link to the site where I got the music, so I will just post up some copies here, they are zip files, containing a midi of the song, and a PDF of the music. I have more than these 4 and maybe I will post them all up on a sub site of my website.

 Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme

Super Mario Bros. Underworld Theme

Super Mario Bros. Underwater Theme

Goonies Overworld Theme

Mustard Plug?

Ok ok ok, what is Mustard Plug?

Evildoers Beware
An awesome ska/punk band from Michigan. I can rarely find anyone who knows of them. I have all their albums and they just rock!I first heard of them back when I was in SO12. Zales and I spent hours trying to get their song “You” down on paper so the band could play it. To this day, that song is still one of my faves.

I have yet to see them live, hopefully one day. One cool trivia fact. Their album “Pray for Mojo”, the title comes from the Simpsons. Krusty’s monkey is named Mojo, and he types stuff on the keyboard, well he gets boozed and drugged up, and all he can type on the keyboard is “Pray for Mojo” – hilarious!

Pray for Mojo

Skawed Off 12


Skawed Off 12
   Well, way back in the day, around 9-10 years ago, up on the Iron Range in Chisholm, there was a dream. A dream for ska and punk. And who was there to answer the call , none other than “Skawed Off 12″ , which was actually 10 players that got together over a couple summers and played their asses off. 

I have been scanning in some old pics that I have in an album here, and ran across the old SO12 pictures. Regis Park Concert, Side Lake Parade, Hibbing Parade, St. Louis County Fair Concert. Man, those were the days. One of the best times was at Raskovich’s Grad Party, which sadly, I have no pictures (and a pretty hazy memory of too). Curtis Speiring’s grad party with 4 kegs wasn’t to shabby either. Can’t forget Magania’s Cabin party. How many times did the sherrif’s bust us?

What would be fun, but I doubt it would ever happen, would be a Skawed Off 12 reuinon, not even to jam, but maybe just Bimbo’s wings and beer, as we did many many times over the summer. It would be even better if we got together and jammed. I know some of us still play music, some are out of state, married, moved on to careers and “real life”, but for the summer of 98 we had a great time, the old van,  my garage, just having plain old fun. Practicing every day, at 5:30 till the cops came, and then hanging out even more. Practicing on Saturday’s when we had to play that night. Just awesome. And I can’t forget the first time we played, at the talent show, RBF and Limp Bizkit. Awesome! Me and Zales listening to LTJ and Mustard Plug, RBF , 1000 times and transposing it into Noteworthy Composer – I still think I have the sheets printed out somewhere in a closet. Fun stuff.

One can only hope to have as good of memories as I do of that summer. Hopefully one day we all reconnect and catch up on our lives since then. Maybe the old members will Google “Skawed Off 12″ and find this post, actually that is one of my intentions. We used to have a geocities site waaay back in the day, but I think they shut it down for lack up updates (and probably because they got bought 5 times by different companies).

At least now I have some of the pictures backed up electronically, I will put them up on flickr eventually. I also have some mp3′s that we totally hacked of cable access (one of our shows was recorded) using a vcr and microphone. I should try to dig those out and get them up here too.

Great times.

Skawed Off 12

From left to right: 
Joe Gornick (trumpet), Tim Breitbarth (trumpet), Brea (Macyinski) Marsh (tenor sax), Kevin Zalec (trombone), Alexander Kestly (trombone), Peter Kruchowski (tenor sax), Steve Novoselac (vocals), Tim Skallet (drums), Adam Dosch (guitar), Andrew Kestly (bass)

So Happy

OK, so here is my third track. “So Happy” – its hopefully not as sad as the others. I promise my next song will be about rainbows and puppy dogs, I’m sure Brad and Brye will be happy to help me with the lyrics. Once again I’m not to keen on the vocals, but, eh, what do you do.
Anyways, here is the link

So Happy

Endless Saturday

Well, here is another song. This one, I don’t really think is the best it could be. Recorded kind of in a rush. Vocals – ugh :)

Thing is, Saturday is like the longest day of the week. Especially if you have no one to hang with. Seems like it can go on forever.

Endless Saturday

Yeah, people think I sound too sad – well, OK, I promise I’ll write a happy song for all you doubters out there :)


We have all been there. Wondering. Usually wondering when we are going to see someone again, if at all. Well, here is, Wondering. Song I wrote. Its the first take, just like 2 minutes after I wrote it. If you listen, I screw it up a few times before actually starting, and I didn’t edit it out. It probably could about 100 times better, so maybe one day I’ll record it again. Yeah, I haven’t stopped playing, just stopped putting stuff up for a while, and this is the first time I’ve put anything I’ve written up, so it’s different. Friends and such know that I wrote stuff, and they want to hear it, or at least have something to make fun of me of :), so here it is:


I so want to goto this – South By Southwest

It is in Austin, TX, and its like a geek and artist fest – Music, Film, Technology. Its close enough to South Padre that I could go visit my grandparents too. We will see whats up in March.