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Welcome Back

It’s been a loooong time since I have posted here. Well, time to change that. The experiment is over. Always been toying with other things. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, svbtle, medium, blogger, whatever. But I guess this is where I belong. Hell, I’m getting requests from this guy.

I focused on some other things.. stevenovoselac.com, which still is an experiment. Orignally it was a lifestream, on a few different services, then Posterous, which Twitter bought, so I moved it to WordPress, then Squarespace (which locks you in HARD btw) – and now decided to take some of the posts and move to svbtle. We will see what I do with it. Like I said, still an experiment.

In all reality I haven’t posted here since 11/2012.

What’s changed since then?

steve and olive

  • Life: Olive is almost a year old, our house is coming along
  • Work: I’ve promoted some awesome people and I have many less direct reports. I am getting into other technologies and projects.
  • Health: I started cycling. I’ve lost 65 lbs since 11/2012.
  • Tech: Chromebook? Macbook? Android? WP8? iOS development? Chromecast? Everything else? check. And more.
  • Music: Still rockin
  • Homebrewing: Yep, still doing that too. Need to do it more. I plan on it.

steve novoselac

I’ve cleaned up the theme a bit. Cleaned up some links etc. Still some categorization to here. Oh yeah, still have ads too. It pays for the hosting, and a beer every few months. :)


Looking at my Google Analytics, I can tell you exactly when Google Reader shut down…

Not even sure if anyone still reads blogs… do they? I know I do. Feedly is my drug of choice for a reader.


What do people want to read about? Let me know in the comments.. which I guess I might see one or two. Otherwise I will just make up stuff as I go, which is pretty much how I operate anyways.


Oh yeah, I love that Mase song – listen to the YouTube, it’s awesome.


7 Years

Been blogging for 7 years now. 975 posts. Hopefully I will get to 1000 this year. I am not doing a ton as far as posting goes, could probably do a lot more. Too many things have my attention now though. My 2.5 year old. My GF. My 75 social networks. My 10,000 things going on at work.

But yet, I still love this blog because it is MINE and I can do what I want, when I want, and control the content and the flow. It has been a good 7 years, It is funny I actually looked up a post back from 2004 today for something I was doing at work.

More to come.

Dusting off the Blog Theme

Most people that might follow this blog probably hit it though RSS readers, or a post here or there from a Google search, so the changes aren’t probably noticeable to many, but they are to me.

Having started blogging back in 2004, on Blogger, and then a year or so in moving to WordPress (self hosted) – but moving it and changing it over time, you get some cruft. Back in the day, things weren’t so “easy”. You wanted a change, it meant PHP time. Over the years WordPress has become more and more “drag and drop” if you want it to be, of course you can still code whatever you want in your themes, etc, but the “widget” concept is pretty cool.

I think the last time I changed my theme in a major way was around 2006 or 2007, (if I remember, it was a “code camp” Saturday with Joel Dahlin at G Allens). It didn’t change too much but I think I started with Google AdSense after the last theme change. In order to do what I wanted it was code code code

Fast forward to today, where the theme is looking outdated, hard to update, etc. I wanted something new. Without totally jacking everything I had, I wanted to start fresh but yet be able to continue what I am doing and how I want to do it. The ads on the site pay the bills, for the hosting and other tools I use. By no means am I living high off the hog, but it is nice to have the site pay for itself and also allow me to do other projects online.

I searched around a bit, and was looking at WooThemes and others, but then stumbled into Headway. It really isn’t a “theme” in the sense that most other themes are, but a framework/system to be able to do whatever you want easily, visually, etc.

I set it up and I am really liking it so far, I have some ideas where I can go at my own pace yet keep things they way I want them easily, fully extensible and the “code” I might use isn’t at all embedded in the PHP files of the theme, but configurable like a modern CMS.

I hope to get more pictures and article, magazine type look as I move forward, that’s the goal anyways. It’s fun to dust off the site and theme and get back into it a little bit, so much out there to learn and use, pretty cool, also is making me rethink all my plugins I have been using, etc.

Another minor changes? I changed the favicon to my current avatar, which is kinda cool.

Another minor note, I am approaching 1000 posts on this blog. I should amend my 2011 goals and try to get to 1000 by the end of the year.

More to come as time goes on, as always.

SharePoint 2010 Blogging: Turning on Comments and Comment Approval

Not sure this is the case in all configurations, YMMV. In SharePoint 2010, it seems like blog commenting isn’t “on” by default. Everything should work fine but once you start posting, other people won’t be able to add comments even though there is a comment link at the bottom of each post. How to get it blog post comments working? A few basic things that I will go into detail on.

First, get to your blog “site” in your browser, and go to “Site Actions->View all Site Content”.

Once there, you will see that Categories, Comments, Links and Posts are just SharePoint lists. Pretty cool. Go into the “Comments” list.


Once in the Comments list, click on “List” at the top, and on the List Ribbon click “List Settings”.


Click on the “Versioning Settings” link. In there, you want to check the setting:

1. Require Content Approval for submitted items? – yes. if you want to have some gatekeeper between new comments and them being published.


Under “Advanced Settings” link

1. Item-Level permissions. You want “read all items” for Read Access and “Create items and edit items that were created by the user” for Create and Edit access.


In the "Permissions for this List” link, you want to probably break Inherited permissions, and then add “Authenticated Users” with “Contribute” and “Read” permissions.


As a final setting, you want to probably get alerted on new comments. So back on the main “List” ribbon, you want to click on “Alert Me” and set up the appropriate alerts, or subscribe to the RSS feed.


That does it, after going through all those motions, you should be able to have other people comment on your SharePoint 2010 blog, get alerted, and approve comments. Pretty cool (For what it’s worth, this shouldn’t be this complicated!)

5 Years Ago Today…

Wow, two “X years Ago Today” this week..

5 Years ago today, I started this blog. June 19th 2004. I wish I would have started earlier. I was addicted to reading them (like crack) from like 2001-2003, and finally bit the bullet and started one in 2004. First on Blogger, then moved to WordPress (wow I jacked my SEO on that one), but then a few hosting providers later, even my own server, and here I am. Media Temple is my current hosting and I have never been happier with a hosting provider.

I do need a new theme, I wish someone would help me out! I would even pay – 50 bucks? Who wants to? I did add the “ads” about a year or so ago, and surprisingly it brings in decent money, not huge $$ but enough to pay for hosting for the year for sure.

I love blogging, I love my blog too. Why? Because it’s mine. I can blog about whatever, and it’s mine. It has been with me through 7 apartments, 3 girlfriends, 5 cities, 5 computers, 4 OS’s, 1 baby, 5 jobs, and much more. It’s always there.

People say “blogging is dead” and I don’t agree. Blogging may be dead, for the lazy. I can “tweet all day” but if I have something to really say, or put out there and think through and share, the blog is the place. I see so many A-list bloggers just let their blogs die because of Twitter/FriendFeed. For Shame. Don’t you have anything share that is longer than 140 characters? Come on.

Anyways, this blog will be around for a while, looking back I just wish I would have blogged more. Make it a ritual. Share knowledge. Share with the community (does that make me a communist? oh noes!) Have fun!

Thinking back 5 years ago, I can’t even remember much of what I was doing. in St. Cloud, MN. Working for St. Cloud Wireless Holdings. Doing ASP Classic/SQL 2000. Reading blogs with RSS Bandit and other tools. Using a PPC 6601 as a phone. Driving a Chevy Silverado 1500. Had a 1 bedroom apt, bachelor pad. Was starting to play guitar again. Never thought I would be where I am right now, never. And 5 years from now, I bet I will say the same thing :)

Happy Blogging! :)

Blogging in 2009

I have been looking through some of my Google Analytics logs, and I really find it funny. The top 3 posts on my blog really don’t have anything to do with stuff I am really into, but they are more things that I did in my spare time and blogged about.

1) Linux on my Ps3
2) iSight Camera Drivers on Macbook/Parallels
3) Ruby on Rails and MySQL on Vista

So yeah, I don’t really do any of that stuff “full time”. Even looking back over my blog posts, and seeing how things have changed since 2004. Talking about ASP development, SQL 2000, ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET, C++, BI, Other tech stuff. Fun stuff.

Now that I am doing Business Intelligence full time, but in more of a manager role than a “doing” role, I usually don’t fall into crazy development debacles or solutions that require a “blog” to explain, or a “blog” to save the next sorry sucker who comes across the setup or crazy steps I had to take to get something to work.

That, coupled with Twitter, and Facebook, and Yammer, and whatever else, blogging takes a back seat. But I still think there is a good time and place for blogging. You make it what you make it. You can use it as log to look back on (I do, I search on stuff I blogged all the time, instead of having to remember it), or just a good way to keep people up on what you are doing, in more than 140 characters.

Where do things go from here? I am sure there tons of things coming down the pipeline that I will be blogging about. SQL 2008, Sharepoint, Excel Services, More BI stuff (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Cloud Computing, iPhone, Mobile, Gaming, just good old plain geekery. And don’t forget lil Ella, and music and much more.

I have mentioned before that my blogging has also changed dramatically since I started using Mac’s full time at home. It makes it tough to get a “full solution” into a blog post. I have tried with VM’s but I just get too distracted :)

I have found that I get more though, out of reading and just consuming as much info as I can. Books, eBooks, Blogs through Google Reader, Twitter, etc. Still subscribing to 250-300 blogs, the cream of the crop, and I add more every day, mostly BI blogs these days. Unsub’d from most of the .NET Dev blogs since I Just am not into that as much any more. Things like that. I’d rather learn more than just regurgitate or create some kind of “echo chamber” here.

Blogging in 2009 is much different than 2008, or 2004, or whenever, and I am sure it will evolve. It should be fun! and I hope to embrace the changes that will come in the upcoming years.


I haven’t blogged much lately. Why? Well the main reason is that I am using a Mac. :)

At work I use Windows – Windows XP (ugh), and I run into all these technical things that I even have drafts for in WordPress – 4 drafts so far. Thing is, I don’t blog from that machine, it’s a work laptop.

So I get home, get on my Macbook Pro – and yeah, I don’t have a Windows VM at the moment, so I never end up finishing any posts, since all the good content, and ability to get screenshots, etc is on the Windows laptop.

I am trying to work around this, I think I am going to go get a big external drive for all my media and such and run that off the laptop, so I can have a Windows Vista VM locally on the MBP.

Anyway, that is why there hasn’t been much new. Hope to change that in 2009.

My Lifestream

I have set up a “Lifestream” at soup.io

Pretty cool, aggregates all my stuff I do around the web. My blog posts, tweets, flickr pics, last.fm stuff, Google Reader shared items, diggs, delicious shares, etc.

It is kind of like FriendFeed but not on FriendFeed :)

I set up my DNS to point to soup.io and decided to use a domain I had lying around, stevenovoselac.com

Check it out, subscribe if you want, check out soup.io as well. It was a little slow/buggy but finally worked

Steve Novoselac’s Lifestream.

Sorry State Of My Blogroll

Doing some “Fall Cleanup” type stuff, I decided to hit the links in my BlogRoll to see the last time some of them have been updated. Boy, surprised me.

What happened? I don’t know, but the state of most of my buddies blogs is in total neglect.

  • Aaron Ballman – updates regularly, really techie, mostly Real Basic stuff (Last post Sept 26th)
  • Aaron Weber – updates sometimes, some good content (Last post Sept 16th)
  • Adam Rudolph – updates sometimes – but his feed was jacked for the longest time (Last post Sept 8th)
  • Bill Zitomer – started off good and fell off (Last post Feb 16th)
  • Brad Gocken – totally ghandi (Last post Nov 7th 2007)
  • Brye Weis – blogspot site shut down – removed him, yikes
  • Chris Super – was going strong, but..was twittering strong for a while (Last post June 13th)
  • Chris Super Personal – pretty much done (Last post April 14th 2008)
  • Jeff Bollinger – site was down, he didn’t know, fixed now, but pretty much gone (Last post June 13th)
  • Jennifer Dammann – was going strong, neglected (Last post May 19th)
  • Joe Gay – a few posts and nothing (Last post Apr 28th)
  • Joel Dahlin – good stuff every once in a while (Last post July 30th)
  • Jon Shern – good stuff every now and then (Last: post Sept 4th)
  • Kyle Ohme – post every now and then – hey Kyle, your site is down now, and when it isn’t it is slow, and the text formatting is goofy – Last (unsure, cant get to site)
  • Michael Fransen – good quality stuff, in spurts :) (Last post Aug 21st)
  • Mickey Slater – brand new endeavor, good content (Last post Sept 23rd)
  • Reena – cant seem to pick a blog engine!! (Last post Jul 10th)

So there you have it, my blog roll.. most of them havent updated in months. What gives guys? I’m sure everyone has SOMETHING they can blog about. I know I don’t update that often, and I should post more, but some of you (Gocken?) are almost hitting a year with no updates!! let your knowledge out on the world, keep us up to date! I like to give the link love, but give me some content in return, something so we can have a conversation on this blogosphere of ours.

And feel free to get on my case when I don’t update :)

P.S. – if any of my friends reading this have a blog I don’t know about, let me know, I will subscribe and add you to the blog roll. But maybe if you update often you might not want me to add you, it seems to be a curse of blog neglect once you make the list – Mickey, don’t let the curse get you!