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Happy 3-11 Day

Today is 3/11 – the day for my favorite band, 311 !!!

The are in New Orleans putting on a HUGE show, probably playing 80 or so songs, I am sure it rocks!

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311 and Matisyahu – Portland (Edgefield) OR – McMenamins

Last night we went to McMenamins in Edgefield for 311 featuring special guest Matisyahu. First off, 311 is my FAVORITE band! And they rocked. Matisyahu was OK, more background noise than anything, but he sounded good.

The real cool thing was the venue itself. Unlike in MN at the Xcel or Target center, this was a McMenamins, which is like all over Oregon, Portland especially. But it was outside, and McMenamins has food, beer, wine and all that. Just a really nice venue, places to sit and eat, etc. And then after the show, you can just go to one of the many bars/restaurants they have on their “campus” and chill, very cool.

Have some pictures up here:



Don’t Tread On Me

Got a lil bored today, decided to try a new song. I never played it the whole way through till today..


A couple of goof ups, but oh well :) 


New Video on YouTube – 311 Cover – I’ll Be Here Awhile

Since everyone thinks I won’t be in Portland long, I figured I would respond the way they would on the Simpson’s, in song.

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Happy 311 Day

Happy 311 Day everyone! Although this year, there is no 3-11 day show in New Orleans, but hopefully next year. I so want to go next year!! As you can see, I’m donning my 311 gear!

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Don’t Tread On Me (311)

Listening to the new 311 single, Don’t Tread On Me – over and over. Great tune. Ska/Rock. I am going to Chicago in August to see them play, and I can’t wait. New album comes out Aug 16th.

311 Website

Happy 311 Day

311 day, once of the coolest days of the year. One of my most favorite band’s is 311..usually they play a huge concert on this day ,like 65-70 songs, but this year they are hard at work in the studio, making a new album.

I am guessing they will party hard tonight though…