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WordPress 2.3.3, PHP, Windows Live Writer, Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

After I updated to WordPress 2.3.3, I was seeing some pages in my admin screens getting errors like this:

Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

WTF? So, pages still worked though. I cleaned out everything I wasn’t using (themes, plugins, etc) in my WordPress directories, still getting it.

So researched a little, had to edit my php.ini in the etc directory of my webhost. I changed memory_limit from 8M to 16M. Pages started working again. cool!

Anyways, Windows Live Writer was getting an error on posting after I upgraded "Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server" and the post would save as a draft in WLW (but still post to my blog)  After posting to the WLW groups on MSN, Joe Cheng at Microsoft wrote me to send me the WLW log file. (Help->About->Show Log File). After looking at the log file myself I noticed the same "Allow memory size…" errors and realized that the php.ini fix probably fixed the posting problem.

After I fixed the php.ini, my posts now go through with no issue.

I know some people have just updated the xml-rpc.php and they are having issues. I recommend just updating your whole WordPress installation. If you are using a custom theme you are ok. Just disable your plugins and re-enable after updating the files. the wp-config.php doesn’t get overwritten, so you are ok.

Upgrade Your WordPress Installation – ASAP!

There have been a few security related fixes for WordPress released. The are currently on 2.2.3

I use for my hosting and they won’t upgrade your WordPress installation for you, so you need to do it yourself. Pretty simple, just follow the directions here:

I backed up my WordPress instance, then disabled my plugins, then uploaded the files to FTP over my existing files, then hit the upgrade link on my site, and it all worked.

I already had Akismet plugin but they have a new version in the 2.2.3 zip file, everything worked after, I just re-enabled it. As for my other plugins, some work, some have new versions that I need to update..

Viper’s Video Tags causes errors with class-snoopy.PHP , I have tried numerous things to fix it but it seems that the only one at this point that I can get to work is to disable the plugin, which means all my YouTube videos are not working at this point – ugh…

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Blogging in 2007 – Stats

Well, end of the year, here are some stats on my blog..

around 63,000 page loads, and 46,000 uniques up from 35,000 page loads and 22,000 uniques in 2006, almost doubled!

posts per month:

# December 2007 (17)
# November 2007 (16)
# October 2007 (13)
# September 2007 (21)
# August 2007 (24)
# July 2007 (31)
# June 2007 (40)
# May 2007 (28)
# April 2007 (24)
# March 2007 (51)
# February 2007 (26)
# January 2007 (17)


Total Posts – 308 (with this post)

Average Posts Per Month – 25.5

High Month – March

Low Month – October

I don’t have more detail on the comments or the categories, but this is pretty good info.. hopefully next year it just gets better..

Happy 2008!

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Travel, Trips, and Family: How Technology Plays A Major Role

After traveling this week, it has become really more apparent that technology plays a major role in the whole traveling process, as well as family interaction. Now I know there are the old schooler’s out there that will be like, phhh, you don’t need technology to do anything. I am not saying that, I am just saying it can make it easier, maybe a little better. Also, there are some things that bring people together (think of a Grandfather and Grandson fixing a car) – well, these same type of things are now the norm, but over technology (replace car with computer or cell phone – and the Grandson teaching the Grandfather).

Over the last 10 days or so, this is what I have seen.

MySpace: First, I hate MySpace. But tons of people are on it, and you can reconnect with old friends and people you know. A while back an ex-girlfriend of mine who I haven’t talked to in like 10 years contacted me on MySpace. We started talking, emailing, IM’ing, and then last weekend we went out for a beer and around, which was odd, but good. Thing is, this probably would never happened without MySpace.

Facebook: Same as MySpace – just different groups of people. Easy to update your status of what you are doing, plus message friends and plan things. I used this to find out about some people being out one night that I wanted to see, and ended up seeing them. Another thing, people find out when you break up with someone if you have that set on Facebook, which leads to people talking to you, asking you to hang, etc. Also, my boss and I figured out that Nickelback was playing because of iLike, on a day I was in town, and we decided to go. Which leads to the next thing…

Craigslist: To get the tickets for the concert, he used Craigslist. We ended up getting floor tickets, for cheap. We saw some people at the show we knew, and they paid almost double.

Twitter: here is a great one. As you are doing things, tweet it, and your friends can know what’s going on. Adds to your “Life Stream”. I used this to track cool things that were happening, as well as keep up on friends back in Portland, and other tech tweets (I knew what was going on at the TechCrunch party in CA from tweets and twittergrams).

Digital Cameras: No brainer here. Taking picture of cool things on a trip. Using your cell phone or a regular camera, either way, you can get cool photos, which then you can upload to..

Flickr/Picasa Web Albums, et al: Good way to show your pictures off to friends and family.

Online Flight Check In: I used this twice, the way out, and back. Print off your boarding pass, choose your seats. Pretty easy and saves some time at the airport.

Maps and Locations: Use this to get to the airport, and around. though – you know how I feel about Google maps.

Texts/Texting: – another no brainer. Text your friends and family instead of calling.

Instant Messaging: another good thing, especially if you can do it from your phone, or reply to text’s to someone’s IM (AOL and MSN allow this). just another way to keep in touch and plan things

Cell Phones: – wikipedia, emails, photos, videos – you can use cell phones these days to do a ton. Look up stuff on wikipedia, get directions, movie times, its your contacts and calendar, alarm clock – everything

Laptops: – need this for traveling. Get on wifi spots, VPN into work, check your email, read blogs, etc.

Helping family technology wise – ok here is how the family fits in. Every time I come home, everyone in my family has some new computer or cell phone or something they can’t figure out and I end up helping, which leads to conversation, bonding, getting together, going out after (let’s go get some beer), etc. My grandpa got a new Sony Ericsson walkman phone and needed some guidance getting it going for example.

Online family tree – started this on about a month ago. Reconnect with family, figure out what is going on, before you go home.

Scheduling/Calendars: if you use outlook, or any other online calendar you can access, then good. You can really maximize your time using calendars, and get alerts on upcoming appointments, etc/

YouTube: upload your Nickelback videos, duh! (I do have some of a great acapella group I saw in St. Cloud too!)

Blogs: you can also write to your blog to keep people in the loop. Track your flight, and just know you are OK once you land. BTW, I am on NWA 597 on the way back if you want to track me!

I am sure there is a ton more, but this is a good starting list. I figure this post is also a good way to give some details into what I did on the trip. I obviously did more, but its a good start. I will post up some pictures/videos once I get back to PDX (I am in the MSP airport right now, drinking a beer :))

Portland Blogger Dinner

Tonight I walked on down the block to the Portland Blogger Dinner at Jive Software. Pretty cool. Jive is nice, Wii, 360, beer on tap in the break room… the work on a product called ClearSpace – collaboration software written in Java.

It was a good get together, met some cool people. I added some pictures up on flickr as well

Whiteboard Blogging

Some bigger bloggers where there, Jeremiah Owyang and Robert Scoble, and Josh Bancroft from Intel, all very nice people. Good times, can’t wait till the next one!

Of course, the topics of the night were Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone…

Cool Blog Trick: Crosspost WordPress to MSN Spaces

I use MSN Windows Live Messenger as my main IM client, I have most of the people I IM with on there, all my contacts in my account, it syncs with my T-Mobile Dash running Windows Mobile 6.0, etc. But, as you can see, I am using WordPress instead of MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) or whatever they are calling it these days (they change the names of this stuff like monthly, I swear).

Anyway’s, in Windows Live Messenger, when a contact updates their space, you will see on your contact list in Messenger a little yellow star next to their name and you can go to their updated space/blogs/photos, whatever.

I wanted this to happen for me, but I don’t want to use MSN Spaces. Did some digging and found a WordPress plugin that will do it all for me – cool!

You can find the plugin here:

There were a few tweaks, I had to modify the PHP so that the sync all would work with WP 2.0, and also the sync all timed out once, so I had to re-run, but it picked up from where it left off.

Now, anytime I post here, it will cross post to my space:  and people that are on my Windows Live Messenger list will see that I updated it. Just another way to get your updates out to people who might not know what RSS is, or a Feed Reader, etc.

More Blog and Site Cleanup

Wow, when I get started, I get going.

Cleaned up old posts that were linking to images on my site, and uploaded the pictures to the posts themselves.

Created sub pages on my blog to match the pages I had on

Right now, all I have on stevienova is my music that I recorded, and some images that I use for other places I have stuff (myspace backgrounds, etc)

I think I am just going to use for any ASP.NET web applications that I write or want to prototype, etc.

Back when I converted to ASP.NET (Nov 2005), There wasn’t a Web Application option, just Web Site, so my site was all jacked with precompiled assemblies and what not. Just decided to blow it away and clean it up.

And another thing, I had the style sheet from my old blog on those pages. By making sub pages under my blog, they just inherit my current blog theme – talk about easy.

Now, I just need to redirect 404′s to my blog, but my control panel is being a pain, so that is the next thing.

Last night I played around with a blog widget to actually play My Music as a radio station on the blog sidebar, but I wasn’t liking it, so I decided not to put that up.

And now that I have everything “configured” how I like it, what did I do? A backup of course, using the method I blogged about a couple days ago. :)


Whew, Category Update

So I went through all 400+ and some posts and categorized them a little better, into a smaller list.

It is funny because I always catch hell from Aaron about how I should have two blogs. It looks like my posts are split 50/50

In the process of organizing my categories, I ran across a nice Ajaxy plugin for the “Manage Posts” screen in WordPress called WP-Cats. It really cut down on the time spent categorizing, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to recategorize their posts.

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Category and Tag Crazy

Well, I did some cleanup tonight. I deleted all my categories. I had way too many, like 400. And it was goofing up some things. I will probably find some auto technorati tag generator instead of using categories. I will probably try to limit my categories to 10 to 15 at most. The list was huge!! Took me a while to get it cleaned up. In the process, I was trying to find some plugins to do the dirty work, found a few that didn’t seem to work exactly how I wanted. One thing, I couldn’t find a single plugin to “delete all categories”. Weird.

Rule #1 of blogging – tag/categorize your posts!! And now my blog is totally uncategorized. Probably totally screwed my search engine status on things, but oh well, life goes on, and I couldn’t stand the huge list of categories I had going on.

BTW, I changed my theme again, some reason my new one got jacked , the sidebar was messed, and I kind of like this new theme.

BTW2, I am writing this from Windows Live Writer. I had a post up previously, but thought that was the culprit of the sidebar jackedupness so I deleted it (rule #2 of blogging, don’t delete posts :)) – Anyways, I deleted another post from a while ago I didn’t with Word 2007, since the timestamp was 1969, and I couldn’t change it for some reason, and since my dad was a few years out of high school in 1969, I don’t think I would be blogging that year…well, maybe if was born I would have been :)