PC vs Mac

Microsoft has published a site, PC vs Mac

There is only one thing you have to know, everything else is fluff.

You will never get a blue screen of death on a Mac. Oh, I got one last night on a Windows machine. With an xlsx half way open and not done yet. Lovely.

done. game over. Mac wins.

And I love Windows, for Development and Business Intelligence. It is the hardware and software that have problems working together. Should Microsoft try to build a PC? Hardware? (ala Xbox?) Would it perform better? Maybe. Would they have more control? Of course, the hardware and software could integrate nicely. I would buy a mythical Microsoft computer before buying a regular PC. Just like I would buy a Mac rather than a Hackintosh :)

  • df

    Ironically I don't think I've had a BSOD in at least 5 years… maybe 10 (it's been so long I don't even remember). Lucky I guess.

  • Aaron Ballman

    Anecdotal information: I get kernel panics on OS X (10.6, currently). I get BSODs on Windows. Software has bugs; oh noes! But in both cases, the kernel panics I get are 99.9% of the time related to 3rd party drivers. On Windows, it was a VPN driver. On Mac, it was a serial driver.

  • Stephen Billett

    tbh they are as bad as each other and this debate will go on for ever, I would like to stress that I have not had a BSOD for over 5 years though……

  • Matt P

    I get a Windows BSOD 8 or 9 times a year. On average that's every month-and-a-half :-(

  • Matt P

    And…. surely that whole Microsoft site is a total waste of time for an unbiased opinion?