Big Changes and Other Updates

It’s been a week at the new job, and I am really enjoying it. I am working on a project dealing with .NET and SQL, and SSIS. Fun stuff. I am really enjoying the environment and project, hopefully more to come.

The new job coupled with the move into the new apt, I have been really busy. Our new place hasn’t lived up to expectations. They haven’t got all the blinds up, and the master bathroom shower and tub aren’t working. I have called a couple times and nothing in response. Irking me.

The band I am in played last weekend too, which was fun. We are playing again on Halloween at MT Bar in Waterloo. I play keyboards on most songs, piano, horns, synth, strings. I sing backup on a few and sing a couple myself, so it is pretty fun. Lugging all the band gear there and back isn’t so fun. We need roadies :)

The baby is still coming along. Coming up quick. Now that we are in the new place, we have an empty room for the baby stuff. Looking forward to it.