Cisco VPN – Launch a Hidden Constant PING Window on Connect

The other day I blogged about getting Cisco VPN to stay connect in Vista. The fix was a constant ping. It is all good but then you have this CMD window open all day in your taskbar, just taking up space, etc.

I decided to workaround it.

I created a .vbs (Visual Basic Script) called pingserver.vbs and put this in it:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
cmd = "ping servername -t"
Return = WshShell.Run(cmd, 0, True)
set WshShell = Nothing

(replace servername with your name of the server you want to constant ping)

Then in Cisco VPN. Options Menu->Application Launcher. Check "enable" and browse to your VBS. Then when you connect it will run that VBS file, and you will have a hidden constant ping going to your server. Nice..


  • dplynx

    Thanks for this–bought you a beer :)

  • ejan


    The solution seems to be working for me. Thanks for the smart fix.

  • Alf

    Tried it out and it didn’t work.=( It doesn’t look like Cisco VPN client’s Application Launcher likes vbs scripts. I can run .bat files from it but do get that annoying command prompt window.

  • http://none Phil

    I’m trying to do the same; run a VBS file from Cisco Client Application Launcher. Seems it doesn’t like VBS files.

    I can successfully point a BAT at the VBS no problem, but I’d like to avoid the DOS box coming up on the desktop.

    I’m using Cisco VPN vlient 4.8.0, looks like you’re using 5.0something… Can you confirm that you can call a VBS straight from the Command= in VPNCLIENT.INI? And please confirm your VPN client version

    Thanks, Phil

  • Birger

    My Cisco client wouldn’t launch the vbs script directly. “Workaround”: Put “C:\WINDOWS\system32\wscript.exe c:\pathto\ping.vbs” in the filename field.