Relationships and Geeks

Saw a post this morning on Geeks are Sexy, about “Why Geeks Shouldn’t Change For Anybody”, which has a clip from Diggnation (which, I would love to do a show like this, just need someone to do it with).. anyways..

Watch the video:


They are spot on. This is exactly right, and it is funny, because it does happen. I am going to be playing video games when you leave, and yes, when you come back I will be playing the same video game. Why? Because that is what we do. We are normal. Geeks are going to take over the world, they already are, so people should get used to it. :)


Via GaS

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  • Emily Jane

    Yea but video games all day???? C’mon.

  • ryan

    i live in stevens point – lets do it man lets make a show :o

  • Steve Novoselac

    yeah that would be sweet, but that is like almost two hours away from me!

  • D

    kudos 2 Emily!!!