Burnside: The Movie

As some of you might know, I live on W. Burnside St in Portland, OR

Yesterday I stumbled on a site promoting a movie of the name “Burnside”  http://www.myspace.com/burnsidemovie

I watched the trailers, it is shot in Portland, about the trials and tribulations of some people that roam on Burnside St. Pretty cool to have the street you walk up and down every day in a movie :)

Thing is, I don’t know where to find a showing of it, or watch the whole movie, which I would love to see it. If anyone knows or knows where to get a copy, let me know

  • Matt

    Hey Steve! Stumbled across your blog entry by accident. I’m one of the directors of “BURNSIDE”, so I’d like to thank you for your interest in the film! “BURNSIDE” is no longer playing in any theatres, but will be available for purchase on DVD in the coming months. Please stay tuned at our website (myspace.com/burnsidemovie) for updates!


  • Matt

    Hey Steve!

    Following up on your interest in BURNSIDE, the film is now available to purchase through Amazon.com!

    The feature film comes in a 2-disc set, which includes a hearty helping of bonus features including:

    - “Making Of” Productions Journals
    - Audition Tapes
    - Score Recording Session
    - Prompt Book
    - Production Photos
    - Poster Campaign

    We made sure its well worth your money, so…

  • http://blog.stevienova.com Steve Novoselac

    is there somewhere I can pay to DOWNLOAD this :)