Walk Score

Stumbled across a pretty cool site the other day, Walk Score (http://www.walkscore.com) – you put in your address and it gives you back a score between 0 and 100 about how good your location is to walk around to other places nearby. I got a 94/100 – pretty good!

Here is my walkscore link:



  • jack

    77 for office
    20 for home

    So if I “lived” at the office…

  • http://www.belhard.com david

    I think Walk Score is a service that can be especially useful for those who are going to buy a house but haven’t chosen the region yet. I ve tried but my score was rather low, about 25. But how often do we walk nowadays? People go by car much more often i think. At http://drivescore.fizber.com/ is possible to get your drive score and see how close establishments are by car. I ve tried and this time my results were much better.