Blackberry Tethering: Error 718

Tonight I was helping out a friend with her T-Mobile Blackberry, trying to get it to tether to her laptop so she could use it for Internet.

Weird thing is, it worked 2 days ago. All of a sudden, stopped working. I tried everything, followed the forums and advice, turned off settings, removed all software, re-added modem, etc etc. Still got Error 718 (it’s a dial up networking error, and since I haven’t been on a modem in like, 10 years, I was cringing). The one thing that most places say is to add DNS entries instead of having DHCP set up for the dial up networking TCP/IP

Anyways, here is the stupid fix.


Argh! What a waste of like 2 hours “F’n the D” with settings.

Or, on the other hand, just don’t get a Blackberry to begin with :)

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  • Ben

    Your solution does not work for me. I can reboot my device repeatedly until my alt+cap+del fingers hurt and I still get error 718. I’ve even tried removing and replacing the battery and it makes no difference.

  • Steve Novoselac

    your milage my vary
    did you try the other steps (dns, etc?)

  • ben

    Wow, fast reply :)

    Actually – no I haven’t added any static DNS. Would that be the Vodafone UK DNS servers?


  • phone dude

    try thru

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this. Duh!! This worked for me, after a couple days of wondering what the heck happened and messing w/all sorts of stuff.