Professor Nova – BCIS .NET Class

Last week, I had the pleasure of “guest lecturing” at SCSU (my alma mater) – To the BCIS .NET Class. The first class, was ASP.NET Basics. The second was extending ASP.NET to connect to a database, which we created a mock employee directory in about 40 minutes. The experience was good for me and hopefully the students as well. I kind of got to see how they are doing things in BCIS (I am a CSCI grad), and also they got to ask questions and go through some real world situations and learn from me. Hopefully they take something away with them they can use in the future.

  • Aaron Ballman

    How did you land that as a gig?

  • Steve Novoselac

    Through work. we are trying to partner up with SCSU so we can get some collaboration going as far as curriculum and just technology in general. We also did a “tech talk” about using web services and last week.

  • Aaron Ballman

    Awesome! :-)